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Sunday, December 18, 2005

8 beers and 1 vicodin later


I slept well last night for the first time in weeks. Beginning in the early afternoon I attended my local BPOU Christmas party. We had food and Elephant beer and political talk. State Deputy Chair of the GOP, Eric Hoplin and Minnesota's "Mr. Republican", Lyle Schwarzkopf were generous enough to attend and deliver speeches on the political battles to come. Both of these men are terrific orators and they had great ideas to put forth and great challenges to present to us. And of course, these parties are always fun because it's an opportunity to see all the great new friends I've made since I joined up with the GOP.
The Winter MOB Blogger's Bash was my next stop. Rob and Teri were kind enough to give me a ride to NE Mpls. at Keegan's Irish Pub. The whole gang was there. For some excellent photoblogging, check out Hammerswing75...even though yours truly isn't in the mix. A fine time was had by all. I met some new bloggers and I also bought a MOB t-shirt from Chief. At one point, I was crossing the room and passed James Lileks who was the center of attention of half a dozen young women.
"James", I cried. "Leave some of the women for the rest of us, will ya?"
Moving on without pause, I left it to James to inform the ladies that the handsome and mature gentleman who'd made the snarky comment was none other than pinkmonkeybird. I'll be looking for an upturn in my Comments in coming days as these ladies come to realize that James is happily married.
And of course, I quaffed a few Guinness Extra Stouts the whole time I was down at the bash.

Rob & Teri dropped me off at home before it got too late. I'd had enough excitement for one day. My doctor recently give me a prescription for vicodin to help me sleep. After brushing my teeth, I popped one of those and dreamed sweet dreams of John Kerry's censure, Mark Kennedy's victorious election as U.S. Senator and bin Laden's capture.

Gee. Nothing like good drugs to reconstitute one's soul.

UPDATE: It seems that I've made it into Part 4 of the photoblog.


  • At 12:33 PM, Anonymous Rob said…

    Great MOB party!

  • At 12:22 AM, Blogger hammerswing75 said…

    No slight intended Scott! Photos were posted with scrupulous randonimity (if that isn't a word it should be.)


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