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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hugh hewitt is straining his voice again

I'm listening to the smartest radio show in America again; The Hugh Hewitt Show. He's, as I am wont to say, "on fire" with the issues tonight. Fortunately, I am not speaking literally.
I predict that Hugh will have a bad case of laryngitis, or at the very least, some croakiness in his voice, tomorrow. That's because he's not following my advice and speaking in resonant tones. He's bleating to the skies and his voice is close to unbearable to listen to.

The Democrats are to blame for this. Hugh is all bound up in outrage over Howard Dean and John Kerry.

Hugh; for the love of Mike, please try to relax. You've got the facts on your side. There is no reason to throw a fit.

UPDATE: Well, I'm listening to the smartest radio show in America again this evening, and Hugh's voice isn't the least bit damaged. But he's giving me a headache. I wish he'd stop straining his voice. To make matters worse, when the show goes to commercial break, The Patriot often plays a series of Hugh Hewitt commercial messages. They are even worse than Hugh's on-air voice.


  • At 11:16 PM, Blogger R-Five said…

    As I noted earlier, I smell a radio consultant. Canned Heat has been replaced by Toby Keith, and as you observe, Hugh seems to be constantly shouting. The percent of time dedicated to the war is also up significantly IMO.

    Fire the consultant, Bugh, and be careful about shilling for the White House as with Miers. And bring back Canned Heat.

  • At 4:19 PM, Blogger pinkmonkeybird said…

    Hey! You're right about Canned Heat being canned. I don't know how I missed that. I remember my mild shock the very first time I listened to the HH Show and I heard that hippie theme. It made me wonder if Hugh was aware that Goin' Up The Country carried strong connotation of the hippie esthetic.
    I wish NARN would change their theme music. Playing that hip hop crap at the top of the show is inappropriate, imho. It grossly misrepresents the character of the program.

    If time dedicated by HH to the war is up, that is appropriate, imo, because we are now at the crucial turning point of the war. The president only yesterday hailed 2005 as the year the history books will mark.

    Good to know Hugh's shouting is perceived by you and it's not just imagined by my cranky self. I don't think it's inapproapriate for Hugh to ever shout or ever reach a passionate pitch. But he seems to be making it all too common. That's too bad, as it causes me to turn him off after I've had enough. A more resonant delivery would match his more intelligent nature.

    Leave the fever pitches to Savage, Hugh!

    Going to Keegan's this Thurs, R-Five? Funny we haven't met yet.


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