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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Mondale sighting

Last night I was shopping at the Kowalski's grocery store at 25th & Hennepin Ave, S. in my Uptown neighborhood. There, in the butcher/meat area, was my former vice president, Walter Mondale picking out a steak in his shopping.
I don't agree with Mondale's politics, but I've never run into a former vice president at the grocery store before, so I was a bit star-struck. The first thought that enters the mind is to say "Hello. You're Walter Mondale. You were vice president once. Wow! I'm blogging about my encounter with you!"
This is quickly abandoned as over-excitable behavior. Then one thinks to simply say, "Hello, Mr. Mondale. Merry Christmas."
And that thought leads to the realization that one should just let the poor guy pick out his steak in peace without being bothered. After all, what's the follow-up if he should say something back? "You & Jimmy Carter were the worst president and vice president ever."?

No, of course not.

Shortly after I strolled on down the aisle, minding my own business, I noticed that some other shopper had recognized him and said "hello" and engaged the man in conversation. Poor guy. It must be crummy to not be able to simply pick out a steak without being harassed by strangers.

Stupid Democrats.


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