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Sunday, December 25, 2005

"To our readers"

I'm not a regular reader of the StarTribune, but my dad is. I'm spending the weekend with my folks at their home where the newspaper is delivered daily. Picking up the Sunday Christmas Morning paper from their doorstep, I couldn't help but notice this little message to readers in the lower right hand corner of page one;

To Our Readers

The Star Tribune is dedicated to deep and rigorous reporting, unwavering accuracy and the daily story of life in the Twin cities and Minnesota. We cherish your trust, and thank you for reading this newspaper and

I could be wrong, but I think this little note of appreciation is new to the paper. I asked my dad about it and he's never noticed anything like it before, either.

Firstly, a note like this tells us that the Strib is finally coming to recognize that it is seen by many readers as being arrogant and partisan.
Secondly, I think it tells us that the publisher realizes they are losing circulation numbers and have to stick their thumb in the dyke to try and stop readers from running away.

This is a good sign. We want the Strib to stick around and survive as a healthy newspaper. No one is served well if the paper disappears and we are left to seek new ways of finding information. Hopefully this is a sign that the StarTribune is keen on delivering on its pledge.


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