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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Bowie's 59th birthday

As the rock and roll gods would have it, today is shared as the birthdays of two giants. Elvis Presley and David Bowie were both born on this day of January 8th. Bowie turns 59 years old today.
Local radio station, KFAI-FM Fresh Air will be hosting a unique program in his honor tonight at 90.3 FM, midnight. It's a show called This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'.
I got this email from the regular program dj today;

Hey Scott-- Whatta great e-mail name "pinkmonkeybird." There used to be a bidder on eBay whose user name was "hot donkey" and THAT made me giggle, too. Super Listener Tom is filling in tomorrow night/TONIGHT, now that it's Sunday. I believe he is going to play GIRLS singing David Bowie songs. "Cover Girls." SLT is a HUGE David Bowie fan and when I asked if he could fill in for me this week, he paused and with excitement said, "It's David's Bowie Birthday! I'll do a Bowie tribute!" Idiosyncratic as it is, Mister Novak found a Marc Bolan tribute record yesterday and there are 2 "cover girls" doing Bolan tunes.... another idiot-syncratic thing -- it's MY birthday on Monday. I'm a little bit younger than David Jones Bowie. Thanks for listening & for the e-mail and enjoy tonight's show -- Mick Novak

What a great idea! Naturally, I've already got a complete library of Bowie's recordings, as do all true Bowie fans. So if they were filling the program with Bowie's recordings, that would be a little mundane, would it not? So I'll be sure to tune in to this show to hear a pile of stuff I've never heard before. It seems like quite a challenge. I honestly can't think of a single Bowie cover recorded by a woman. This show will be an education.

Oh wait!...I have a terrific recording of Bowie's bassist, Gail Ann Dorsey, singing Under Pressure. So, while they exist, I suppose this show will gently remind me that there are more "Cover Girls" of Bowie than I am aware at first blush.

Thanks to the genius of today's modern communications innovations, you can listen to this show without tuning in at midnight to hear it "live". Fresh Air radio has an online archival library and so you can listen to this show online at your convenience whenever you want (after today) for the next two weeks by simply clicking on my above provided hyperlink located in the program's title. And, of course, if you don't live within broadcast range of the Twin Cities, the Internet option is your only option.

Tune in and celebrate Bowie's birthday before he becomes a sexagenarian.


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