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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Craig ferguson's funny lies

Recently, I've been watching a very funny comedian, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on CBS.

I like him. He's a funny man.

I've noted before, Ferguson's jokes about W.

One thing that's come to my attention since I made that post is the fact that Ferguson has his own personal battles with alcoholism. To his credit, Ferguson came to terms with his affliction and quit drinking 14 years ago. That might explain his readiness to make light of President George W. Bush's past history with alcohol. Hey, it's all just comedy, right?

I've got the show on my tv right now. Just a moment ago, Ferguson made a joke about "Fox News' made up news." Naturally, the crowd squealed with glee over this joke. I don't know if the crowd reactions are canned or if they are real.

Is it just me, or does anybody else notice that it is CBS News' 60 Minutes II that is the guilty perpetrator of "made up news"? Not Fox News.

Is this what CBS has sunk to? Having failed to sell their lies and made up stuff in their packaged news programs, it's just so much easier to flaunt their fantasies in their comedy programs. Hey, we all know it's not true. That's not the point.

It's funny.



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