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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Kennedy st. paddy's bash

Boy, Republicans can drink! And they can generously buy others drinks. I wouldn't be able to write these words if it weren't for the two aspirin I popped during the wee hours last night along with the tall drink of water I washed them down with.
Regular readers will know that I haven't owned a car for about 30 years. I took a taxi home last night from a Nordeast bar where a few of us got away from the O'Gara's Kennedy fundraiser. I suppose you're getting the idea...this post will ramble on all over the map until it crashes senselessly into a tree.

Funny, how I'd feared that I missed out on all the fun because I was late. But I caught up pretty quickly. Having no car, I took the Selby-Lake bus from my Uptown estate, Zazudu. I recall being a bit peeved at myself because I got a late start. The #21 bus ride from Uptown to O'Gara's is a long one...about an hour long. And I've ridden this line countless times. But MetroTransit never sent me the memo telling me that they'd changed the route. It used to run right past O'Gara's, turning the corner at Snelling & Selby. So I stayed on the bus, not remembering precisely where the bar was. Now this bus takes Marshall Avenue to Snelling, which is two blocks away. Another change to this line is that the "21D" (which I was riding) reaches the end of it's line at Pascal Avenue right behind the Midway Shopping Center. And since I didn't know I had already passed O'Gara's, I stupidly waited for the next "A" bus that I thought would take me there. Only by the time my A bus turned left onto Selby and headed for downtown St. Paul, did I realize that O'Gara's had to be behind me. So I pulled the cord and waited for the next westbound #21. And I'm becoming all the more tardy for the Kennedy party of course as I wait.
When I climbed aboard that bus the driver asked me in a friendly voice, "How are ya doin'?"

"I'm lost."

I explained my dilemma to him and he cleared up all the confusion for me, quicklike. MetroTransit changed the route about two years ago because they had such a high traffic accident rate on the corner right in front of O'Gara's Bar. He advised that I get off the bus (debus?) at Hamline & Selby and walk two blocks to the bar.

When I arrived, I didn't waste any time getting a drink at the bar. I ordered a Jim Beam on the rocks and a Leinenkugel. The bartender thought I said two JB's on the rocks and a Leinenkugel. I told him that if he was going to throw the extra poured whiskey away, I'd be willing to take it. He said sure and cheerfully charged me for both and the beer. What could I do? I drank them, that's what.

Because I was late, I entirely missed Elizabeth Dole's appearance. But this was a good time and a good cause. I also met a new candidate for the 5th Congressional District of Minnesota. This seat is currently occupied by Martin O. Sabo, who's held the office since 1978. James Turnham has stepped forward and let it be known that he will be seeking this office as a Republican, though so far as I know, he has not yet formally announced his candidacy. Mr. Turnham assures me that while he does not yet have a website with information of his candidacy, he will be uploading it before very long. When it's available, I'll link to it.

While we're on the subject of CD-5, SD63 blog has this story about another challanger to Sabo's seat.


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    It was a good time.

    Party on Scott!


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