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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lent deprivations

I've been turning to my Roman Catholic faith lately, attending mass and saying my prayers. This Lent Season is a wonderful time for a Roman Catholic gone astray to come back to the church.
I'm a little slow out of the gate, but I've decided today what I will give up for this current Lent season; The Patriot Radio.

While I appreciate and like the various radio programs on The Patriot, I've lately been aware that the advertisements on this station are making me one angry burrito. I don't want to use a harsh word like "hate" when speaking of Lent, but these ads on The Patriot are very disagreeable to my mental wellbeing. It's unhealthy.

I realize that the advertisers and their money are what make it possible for great shows like NARN, Patriot Insider, The Hugh Hewitt Show and others onto the air. But the lion's share of the ads just infuriate me. My favorite ads on this excellent political talk radio station are the Benjamin Franklin ads; "Plumbing-focals, Wally?" I suspect that's because they are just light and silly and vaguely humorous in nature. I wish all the ads on this station could be so inoffensive.

So without much joy, I am not tuning into The Patriot until Lent is over. I need to allow the peace of Creation back into my life.The constant mental barrages over Memowhatever, The Three Point Plan, that "Reality" company and all the other maddening noise that come over the airwaves from advertisers is best forgotten for what's left of the forty days of Lent.

WELCOME, FRATER LIBERTAS READERS; I should also point out that because I appreciate the programming on am1280 The Patriot, I try to patronize their advertisers. Last spring, I hired John Haley #1 Roofer purely because their advertising dollars make the radio shows available to my hungry ears. I am pleased with John Haley's work and would recommend them to anyone in need of a roof. Naturally, I told John that he was getting my business because of their Patriot support.


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