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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

"Rich loves stacy"

This winterwonderland snow we were gifted with has got Uptown folks happy and inspired. The miracle of beauty this snow brings is really breathtaking (to use Dr. Evil's favorite exclamation). And you don't have to walk far down the street to see the inspiration the view imbues my neighbors.

At the corner of 34th & Girard someone made "Footprint Art".
Along the sidewalk border is a series of footprint impressions neatly planted, alternate-sized shoes making their angled signature.

At 35th & Dupont a tribute to "Rich & Stacy" has been written in the cold, white tablature.

And everywhere Mother Nature flourishes her ephemeral stamp of beauty. I saw a thousand pictures. And having no camera, I could only tell you about some of them.


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