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Monday, April 24, 2006


My good friend, AAA over at Residual Forces is appealing to the MOB's good judgment to vote for him as MOB Most Eligible Bachelor.
He seems to want it more than I do, (sadly pathetic as that may be) so I endorse Andy as the best choice. Then, when he snarfs up the trophy, I get to mop up the leftovers. And I don't even have to buy a ring.
Fiendishly clever, eh?

Best of luck, Andy.

UPDATE: I should have pointed out that my other good friend, Kevin of EckerNet is vying for this honor as well, though he lags far behind in votes. Your votes would also be well spent on Kevin's good name. Word has it that Mitch of Shot In The Dark has taken himself out of the running. In other words, he's not eligible.


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