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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

News of the weird

This story in the Star Tribune sort of lumbered up and freaked me out:

The 81-year-old father of U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman was cited for lewd conduct and indecent exposure Tuesday for allegedly having sex in a vehicle with a 38-year-old woman, according to police reports.

But really. It seems to me that the person who ought to be arrested is the cop or whoever discovered these shenanigans. It takes a real pervert to gawk at a pair of old-timers and see what they were up to when they're peeled. Give the old guy a break, I say. After all, a little risky business is sometimes the cure to excite the old libido when you get to the wrinkled age of 81.

A little respect for our elders, please?


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