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Friday, July 30, 2004

Going My Way?

As I stated in my profile, I haven't owned a car for some 20 years. I get around by bike or LRT or bus or foot...and sometimes by swimming. Last winter when Metro Transit went on strike I was reliant on the generosity and volunteerism of others to get to work. I used the Internet to link up with hearty souls who felt they should step up. I threw them a few bucks for gas.

Tomorrow I'd like to go the Diamond Bluff for the Patriot Picnic. And the NARN has posted the effort to marry drivers with patriots in need of transportation there.

I've pleaded with the GOP for a ride from the two-hour seminar I will be participating in from 9 to 11 am just before the picnic takes place. I guess they're a little too focused on beating John Kerry, 'cos I haven't heard of any solutions from them yet. That's not to say I won't hear from them. Of course, this would be incumbant upon some other participant wanting to go to the Patriot Picnic. And that begs the question; Why would a seminar-full of attendees attending a Republican training seminar have not one person who wants to go to the Patriot Picnic and not want to haul a Republican blogger and W volunteer along with? (if I may be allowed to employ a typical Minnesotan dangling modifier.)

So, as a man of means and various choices available, I can;
A) Skip the patriot picnic altogether if no ride materializes.
2) Hire a taxicab.
C) Rent a car.
4) Hitch-hike.

Hitchhiking seems like the most interesting solution. I like the odds of wearing W stuff and sticking my thumb out for a ride. Either I will get what I want and have an interesting conversation with the driver, or I'll end up wrapped in plastic and found in a local dumpster.

I any case, I will be taking the 4L bus to my GOP meeting in Edina at 8:17 am. The rest of the formula is up for grabs.

I mean, yes, I'd like to make it to the picnic, but am I going to hire a cab to go there? I don't think so. That strikes me as a bit desperate. After all, I could weed my garden and save $100.

Now, if 2 others wanted to share a cab with me...that might be a worthwhile venture.


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