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Friday, July 30, 2004

Keegan's Meetup

I made my rendezvous with the Fraters Libertas fellows. They are an honest bunch. And I'm not lying.
I fulfilled my obligations. Fessed up to my gratuity to my waitress.
Then, I had new expenses to incur. Shepherd's pie and some Harp's lager.
A game of trivia was played. Some gamesters took this challenge very seriously. Some not.
I did not win. But I was pleased with some of my correct answers. One of my incorrect answers was Brooke Shields. Ha. How did I believe she starred in Alley McBeal? Then, the painful moment when the answers were revealed. Can you imagine my satisfaction to hear the name of Calista Flockhart? I thought not.
So you're getting the feeling that I'm not a t.v. guy? Wise of you.

And to think I'd missed John F. Kerry's speech because I went to a game of trivia with some bloggers!

No sense of priorities.

Ah well, the circus has pulled up its stakes and left Beantown. The three-ring circus featured jugglers, trapeze artists and donkeys. Clowns, too. Plenty of clowns. But one clown didn't show. We never saw or heard from Sandy McBurgler, the baggy-pants clown.


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