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Monday, July 26, 2004

W Courts The Black Vote

Jay Reding posts, in Bush Strikes Back, that President W is smartly courting the Black vote in his speech to the Urban League.
I agree. But something stuck in my ears when I'd heard a snippet on radio; He  asked  for their vote.

"Ours is a solid record of accomplishment. And that's why I've come to talk about compassionate conservatism and what I envision for the future. I'm here for another reason. I'm here to ask for your vote."
The only mention of votes in John Kerry's address to the NAACP was in the declaration that he would diligently protect the right to vote, that all votes would be counted and that voters should be registered and brought to their polling places.

"But this election is more in your hands more than in mine.  Over the next four months, we need you to do what nobody in America does better -- register voters and get them to the polls."
It's a small thing, but Kerry never asked for their vote. It looks to me like W is right; The Democratic Party takes African-American votes for granted. So much so, Kerry couldn't humble himself enough to ask for it.


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