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Monday, August 23, 2004

9/11 blame

Something I have long suspected turns out to be true. A majority of Democrats feel that the United States might be to blame for the attacks on September 11, 2001.
I think this goes a long way toward understanding why the Democrats and the Michael Moores of the hard Left are capable of directing so much of their hatred at George W. Bush instead of bin Laden and threats from rogue states.
In other words, Americans had fundementally two differing gut reactions to the dive bombing of the twin towers and the Pentagon;

  1. Oh my God, How could anybody hate America so much as to kill innocent people and attack my country like this?
  2. Oh my God, Today is the day we get bitten in our own behinds for all the nasty thievery and racism we've been guilty of all these years!

Before 9/11 individual Americans had alligned themselves into these two differing camps. It doesn't really take much to push one into either of these schools; An influential constituent, a respected book, a relationship with another person of conviction.

I recall a girlfriend who'd had great respect for Noam Chomsky. I recall another friend who spoke highly of The Nation. But through all these personal challanges, I had a deep-seated belief in the promise of America. And yet the politics of the personal never trumped my held mythic image of America.

Anyone who believed the words of President Ronald Reagan knew what it meant to see the shining city upon the hill.

That's why the gulf is so wide. When we encounter those who are opposed to the war in Iraq, we are not confronted by someone who is insane. We are faced with someone who has read history in a profoundly different way.

To them, they may be seeing the America of Kurt Vonnegut. A land where the people are well meaning, but the sins of her inception are a stain that cannot be washed clean.

The glass is either half empty or it is half full. Both are true, depending on the eye of the beholder. A titan battle ensues.

Btw...I'm a half full guy.


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