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Friday, August 27, 2004

And giants walked the earth

No, I'm not talking about Paul Bunyan.
Last night I met Hugh Hewitt, Generalisimo, Michael Medved and James Lileks. (I don't think Lileks is accustomed to being called a giant.) But they're all good people and don't act like they're giants. No other way to describe the effect their personalities have on people through magnifiers like national radio, ink-on-pulp print and the blogosphere. Giants.
I guess that makes the NARN people fair-to-middlin'-sized folk.

Okay, so my efforts to define relative size is proving faulty and I'll just abandon the effort.

I committed at least a couple of not so big faux pas last night. I had met Chumley Wonderbar before and know what he looks like, but I made the hasty error of mistaking him for Generalisimo. There is a slight resemblance. I walked up and addressed him as Duane and blah, blah, blah.
Chumley pointed out to me that he is NOT Duane, and that, furthermore, he was insulted to be mistaken for him.
Well, that's just nonsense of course because Duane is a fine fellow and does not cause people to flee the area in a mad panic. Later we even joked about it over our beers.
In any case, I'll never make that mistake again.

And speaking of Generalisimo (aka Duane), I owe him an apology. He showed me just how low and deceitful the Keegan's Trivia creators are with this trick question;

"What was The President's name in the year 1952?"

Yes, I'd thought the phrasing to be odd. Why not more forthrightly put it;

"Who was our nation's president in the year 1952?"

Generalisimo smelled a rat and he was right. The winning answer was George W. Bush. Not, as I had calculated, Harry S. Truman.

But my shame was magnified 10-fold because before the answer was revealed, Generalisimo & I discussed this question and I actually admonished him for being capable of such an imagining of this criminal act being perpetrated by Minnesotans.
After all, such a trick is nothing less than Trivia Terrorism. And there is no place in Minnesota "Nice" for Trivia Terrorism.

Generalismo was right. I was wrong. I had nightmares about it last night and will never be able to relax in confidence again that my Trivia questions are understood safely ever again. From now on, I'm hauling duct tape and sheets of plastic to Keegan's in order to protect myself.


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