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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Hitch on Flipper

Our favorite Leftist, Christopher Hitchens makes some rather obvious observations of the obviations of John Flippin' Kerry.
But he does so with such fresh directness and clarity as to make this reader shake his pinkmonkeybirdhead in wonder at the audacity of our current debates in politics:
The Democrats have made a rod for their own backs in uncritically applauding their candidate's ramrod-and-salute posture. They have also implicitly subverted one of the most important principles of the republic, which is civilian control over military decisions. And more than that, they have done something eye-rubbingly unprincipled, doing what Reagan and Kissinger could not do: rehabilitating the notion of the Vietnam horror as "a noble cause."

The reason the Kerry campaign is so strategically off in its posture is because the Democrats have such a terrible candidate. And that is because the party was hijacked by the hard Left, who are so passionately angry and unhinged as to believe that "Anyone but Bush" is good enough for America.


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