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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Hugh Hewitt is Doctor "Bones" McCoy

It just hit me tonight as I listened to Hugh read Lileks' Bleat from this morning's entry.

What day was it that Hugh's true identity was revealed? I think I was mowing my lawn at the time, Sony walkman radio clamped over my ears. Why yes. That would have to have been this past Monday, as that is when Lileks makes his call-in appearance on Hugh's program.
During the conversation Hugh inadvertently called Lileks "Jim". Oh yes, he corrected himself.
Here's how the exchange went over my communicator;

Doctor McHewitt: He's dead, Jim....James.

James Lileks: What does it mean, Bones?

Doctor McHewitt: Darn it! I'm a blogger, not a right-wing radio shock jock!

James Lileks: Captain's blog 2004.09.08...Warp factor 1280. Let's get the farg outta here.

Okay. So we now know that the Commissar is actually "Bones". And if that isn't disturbing enough, that makes Lileks Captain James T. Lileks.

But the most disturbing sum total of this equation is the fact that this means that Jasper would have to be Yeoman Rand.


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