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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Hugh Hewitt Links Me

I've heard from several people that Hugh Hewitt is a genuinely great fellow. So I couldn't be too shocked to learn that he'd linked to this blog last Friday to thank me for plugging his book, If It's Not Close They Can't Cheat; Crushing The Democrats In Every Election and Why Your Life Depends Upon It.
I won't even link my original post, as you can see it by simply scrolling down, if you haven't read it already.

Curious as to what being linked by Hugh Hewitt might mean in the way of traffic to this blog, I scrolled to the bottom of Hugh's blog (located in my blogroll, if you don't already know that), and found a number resting somewhere just below 6 million! Does this mean that potentially 6 million surfers might hit this blog? That is very humbling, indeed., even if the true number of cross-traffic is a mere fraction of that.
No wonder the blogger known as St. Paul over at recommends that I should blog four times daily. Readership must be rewarded with newly dropped crumbs on a frequent basis so that a visit is often reinforced. After all, we all fully understand that the blogosphere is made up entirely of white lab mice. If they press the bar and no food pellet drops down the chute, they just might go to the Daily Dish next time instead.
But I don't know that I can hit that ideal. After all, I may not be Lileks, but I still have a life. Some would call it a life, in any case. Ok...well, I call it a life.
Last night at the registration drive, I told another Republican that Hugh had given me a "hey ho" on this blog and they guy was shocked. Utterly shocked. Hugh's blog is one of the most vital in the blogosphere. I often use his blogroll as my launchpad when I want to surf and discover what the day's chatter is. I feel that my own blogroll should be spare. Some blogrolls are so long they extend like the national debt; as far as the eye can see. I'd rather keep my b-roll to hold some telling significance rather than the significance of a telephone book.

Btw, check out the Fraters Boys' new banner. I like it. It's kick ass!


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