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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Manning the phone banks

If yesterday was Tuesday, then I was working at Bush-Cheney '04 HQ in the evening.

I'm happy to say that the place was all abuzz. Volunteers of all ages were on the phones calling Twin Cities residents asking if the President can count on their support this November and making sure they will vote on Election Day. Part of the activity was no doubt due to the fact that First Lady Laura Bush had made an appearance earlier that day in nearby Waite Park. These rallies tend to bump up volunteerism on the day of the event. And they energize the local campaign in general.

Recently Mayor Randy Kelly of the City of Saint Paul announced that he is crossing the aisle in support of President Bush in the coming election.
Even some Democrats are giving Republican volunteers a reason to feel bolstered.

Vice President Dick Cheney visited East Grand Forks just last Friday.

As someone else noted recently, there is never a dull day of politics for those living in battleground states.
Oh, that reminds me...Did I mention that W was here last Wednesday?

One of the vols sitting near me was a boy named James who must have been about 12 years old or so. His activist mother supervised him whilst working the phones herself in the neighboring chair.
For my own experience, my very first party called last night told me that he hopes President Bush goes to hell. Fine. Hang up the phone and make the next call.
Others were very firmly happy to let me know they support the President and pledge their vote for him. I'm making a lot of friends in the office. People know me by my first name, and I am getting to know many of theirs.
Some generous soul brought a batch of fantastic chocolate-caramel brownies with walnuts. A hot cuppa coffee and one of those brownies helped me to spike my number of calls to 49.

When I got out of HQ at 9 pm I briefly thought of jogging on down to Midway Stadium to see the final few innings of the baseball game in progress. But rain was threatening and it was unusually cold out. If the weather were any gauge of the season, one would think there were only 30 days left until November 2nd. Fortunately there are over twice that.

We've got some more work to do.


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