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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Media bias pt. II

And Instapundit points out how the New York Times is avoiding the Kerry in Cambodia on Christmas story.

I agree with Lileks that the media bias angle is of greater interest than the fact that Kerry systematically lied . After all, what's so fascinating about the fact that Kerry lied? Hadn't he already been doing that with his story of the phantom foreign leaders who told him he's really gotta beat "this guy" W? And the medals vs. ribbons flap? And the intimation that the Bush Administration lied about reasons for going to war?

None of that in new.

What is new is that they've got Kerry cold-cocked this time and yet the media continues to run from it.

I'm not seeing the Bush-Cheney '04 campaign addressing itself to this issue aggressively. Nor do I think they ought to. There are plenty of attack dogs out there who will do that work.
Kerry's Christmas in Cambodia lie is of interest to these party attack dogs because it's the sort of issue that matters to a wide swatch of voters. Voters don't like being lied to.

Hugh Hewitt writes in If It's Not Close, They Can't Cheat;

Huge numbers of people who simply cannot read a sentence vote in elections.
Close elections inevitably turn on the votes of illiterate people....Which explains why politics requires simple messages...Politics often comes down to slogans and pictures and music because candidates need to communicate with broad ranges of people, some of whom don't have the mental equipment to deal with policy papers.

This is why Kerry's systematic lie on such a small detail amounts to substantial punch in an election. Still, when you add up this lie to yet another one brewing about Kerry's magic hat, his frequently noted flip-flops regarding his involvement in Vietnam and the $87 billion for Iraq, a connect-the-dots picture emerges of a candidate for the highest office in the land who will say anything to gain political favor.

That's an issue that illiterates can understand just as well as the sophisticated. It's a matter of the man's character. I can only say it will be interesting to see how this story comes to be regarded or avoided in the liberal biased media.


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