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Saturday, August 07, 2004

NARN Call-in

I phoned in to the Northern Alliance Radio Network today regarding the Rock For Change Tour.

Just wanted to contribute my first-hand knowledge that Bob Geldolf, known as a political activist and accomplished musician, when appearing at the Winnipeg Folk Festival in 2003, had little to say of the evils of Geo. W. Bush and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Instead, to the chagrin of the Leftist audience, Geldolf used his time to slam that other Evil Empire; The USSR. (Which, thanks at least in part to President Ronald Reagan, had long-before been relegated to the ashbin of history.)

The NARN boys had much to say that is relevant about this tour with a political agenda. For instance, what makes these artists or their audience think they have any authority to speak to the issue? Of course, no one doubts their right to speak out as citizens. And I never got the sense that the NARN condemns the RFCT.

The music industry is an emotional and pandemic medium. A great part of the music industry's audience might be gauged to be less informed of the facts regarding political issues (although, certainly Sir Bob Geldolf, as Mitch Berg so respectfully and deservedly refers to him, would be an artist of highly informed and intelligent genesis) (Sorry if I confuse Geldolf's background. He never played in Genesis.) So the reality, despite the right to express one's self, remains; The RFCT may impact a realpolitik influence upon the coming election when their message reaches these emotatrons.
And that's fair game.

What I am interested in is the artists who are on the other side of the fence. By my measure, artists who would be advocates for this sitting president would be Gene Simmons, Johnny Ramone,, Toby Keith, Britney Spears...there are many more. There was a marvelous interview with a metal band artist in Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish blog. I recall it as being posted last Winter. Unfortunately, I cannot remember who that was. Anybody who does is urged to tell me in Comments.

The artists who support our troops and support the liberation effort tend to express that support by playing shows for the troops, not to the homeland electorate. I know that's what Toby Keith has done. There was a story on 60 Minutes about it.

I wish I could boycott the products of the artists of the RFCT. But I don't buy their records in the first place, so there's nothing to boycott. Maybe I'll express myself by going out and buying some more Ramones albums. (Although there is a sad rumor going 'round that Johnny is dying of cancer.)

These artists who play the RFCT are good people and talented musicians. They are expressing themselves and doing what they think is the right thing. I don't hold anything against them. I hope they have a great time on their tour and same for their fans.

So where are their opposites? Let's hear from them, too.

Let's Rock!


  • At 12:58 AM, Blogger Rob said…

    So gene simmons fancies himself a 'conservative punk'... hahahaha. waggle your tounge in vain babe. but johnny is not dying of cancer, I am pretty sure that rumor is false.

  • At 10:23 AM, Blogger pinkmonkeybird said…

    Thankfully, I think you are right, Mermaid. If Johnny were dying of cancer I suspect we'd see more convincing verification concerning it than we have.
    This is why I linked the NME refutation and the Johnny bio.
    Gabba Gabba Hey!


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