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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

No Exit Strategy

W in Mankato Posted by Hello
In answer to custos morum, there was no plan. And we found ourselves in a quagmire with no exit strategy. But there was the president. The event took place at The Quarry. Kasota stone is mined here. One of the most notable buildings in Minneapolis made from this quarry's stone is the Wells Fargo Center.
It's a natural for the president's security teams. Much easier to protect the president in a quarry, where there is mile after mile of nothing but stone and wildlife, than an urban setting teeming with dangerous possibilities and security problems.

I took the Greyhound Bus down, as indicated yesterday. Smooth ride. Slept most of the way. Got a haircut in downtown Mankato. Mr. Bill's Barber. Nice fellow, that Mr. Bill. He helped me get my facts down. Told me where the Quarry is. Heh. I hadn't done my homework before I came to town. So the trip was really full of surprises.

Mr. Bill directed me to City Hall. It was there that I got a local bus schedule for the route that would take me somewhat close to the Quarry. A little lunch and by 1:35 I was riding a #3 bus. The driver was good enough to call out my stop out there, in the northeast end of town.

So now I had two options left; walk or hitchhike. I figured my odds of hitching a ride were quite good, since I was wearing W gear and I was going to a W rally. Isn't that enough to get everyone in the mood to say, "Hop in"? Well, funny you should ask. Because who do you suppose picked me up? A carload of Kerry activists. They hadn't bothered to notice my W gear. Huh? I guess they'd simply assumed that a hitchhiker must be a Democrat. Anyway, I'd made it clear when I piled in that I was a Bushman. We all had a good laugh about that for a few. But it wasn't long before my politics were questioned. There were some words exchanged. We kept it civil, but the woman in the back seat with me saw horns growing out of my forehead, it seemed to me. They were appalled that I am a social liberal lending my support to W. "You seem quite intelligent....Why?"
"Leadership" was my response. They wouldn't buy my details. Such as how Kerry changes his position and does not possess leadership capabilities on a par with W.
They eventually got sick of looking at me and asked me to get out of the car.
"Thank you. We're all Americans," I reminded them.
Hey, I've gotta hand it to 'em. No Republican picked me up on that road.

The rally itself was fun and energized.

More tomorrow...



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