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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Party for the President

You'll notice a new banner over in my sidebar for Party for the President. I'm participating with a party of my own at a local, very hip in my book it ain't a party unless there are libations on hand.
I don't think it would be prudent to post the details of the party here. But rather, I'll just say that it will be in the Uptown Minneapolis neighborhood from 7 - 10 pm and one of my guests will be Daniel Mathias, GOP candidate for the 5th District of MN for Congress. You may recall I met Daniel when he gave me a ride to the Patriot Picnic.
One of the interesting aspects of my party is that it will be taking place in territory that is not only heavily DFL ground, but Green Party ground as well. In fact, Green HQ is less than a mile to the east. So once again, I act in complete defiance of the powers that be, being the true rebel that I am. After all, if one were to be conventional in Uptown, one would be a rabid, Bush-hating liberal. Instead I am a Republican vol for W. Rock and roll. In your face. Giving it to The Man.
So if you want to express your rebellious spirit, email me at address provided in my Profile button and ask for an invitation. We'll say hello to one another, meet the candidate for Congress, watch W's speech for the conclusion of the Republican National Convention and you're welcome to order a martini and dinner if you wish. The focus and reason for the party is to support President George W. Bush and to celebrate his acceptance of his nomination to run on the ticket for president.
That's Thursday September 2nd.

Be there or be L7.


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