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Monday, August 30, 2004

Pinkmonkeybird on the radio

As has been noted earlier, I was glomming at the Patriot booth at our beloved Minnesota State Fair this past weekend. A quick scroll through this blog will attest to that. And while there, a little bit of audience volunteerism was called for as the NARN needed someone to provide a John Kerry impression and read a prepared script. Since way last Democratic primary season, I've been practicing my John Kerry drone. So I raised my hand. Unfortunately, Chad "Peeps" passed me over for a fresh and impartial fellow in the audience. I say unfortunately because this nice guy was unimaginably bad at doing Kerry. This pic snapped by Brainstorming shows me patiently waiting for our brave fellow Patriot listener as he valiantly plowed through the task(that's Peeps holding the mic).
Fortunately, Peeps came back to me and asked for a sample of what I can do. He was immediately satisfied.
So like a real radio pro I waited for my cue and delivered the wild, thunderous applause! I had arrived. Not only was I now on the NARN for more radio minutes than The Atomizer, but I was being cheered. Local radio would never be the same.
An impartial observer writes his assessment;
"You had the best Kerry impressions at the fair (even better than Hugh's)" - Brian Beardsley

Encouraged now beyond modesty, I showed off some more of my Kerry impression to Hugh Hewitt. So when I saw an opening in the conversation I canted;
"I was always the one who'd advocated John Flippin' Kerry for President. I never wavered from that."

Hugh tried to crush me, "Now that's not very good."

Being belittled by Hugh Hewitt is one of the greatest honors we bloggers can attain. I was flattered:
"See? Just give me one minute on the radio and you can't shut me up!"

People have asked me what my secret is. How do I sound so much like John Kerry? It's easy. Just imagine yourself to be a bloviating zeppelin leaking air through a foghorn and you've got it.

(tip o' the bird to Lileks for the "bloviating zeppelin" allusion)


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