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Monday, August 30, 2004

Superior speed

Listening to The Hugh Hewitt Show this evening, Hugh had guests John "Hindrocket" Hinderocker and John Pohhoretz on the show discussing the doom of the printed Old Media. If they do not respond to the challenges of the Internet New Media, their very survival will be in question. One of the reasons for the newspapers' crisis, these three opine, is the lightening-like speed of the Internet, comparable as the speedy hare to the slow and lumbering newspaper turtles.
That sounds right at first flush. But is it, really?

Every newspaper I know of has an online version. To my knowledge, these online copies of newsprint are available at lightening-like speeds. Need a reality check? Take a tour through the blogosphere. Check out the links they provide. Many of them are links to online newspapers. If you subtract the links involving bloggers' critiques of newspaper bias in that coverage, you'll still find quite a few citations of newspaper stories as source material to document a case.
If the newspapers are so out-of-the-loop slow, then why does the New Media utilize it so often?

Newspapers are news gatherers and news disseminators. They are not so stupid as to shakle themselves to ink & pulp at street corners. They still do that and they have plugged into the Internet.

Still, Hugh and his honorable guests are quite correct when they maintain that Old Media must face the new music of the blogosphere and the accountability it brings.


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