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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Their rally.

As my #94 Express bus rolled past the MN State Capital building, I noticed some activity going on. So after hopping off to check it out, I discovered that the Democrats had organized counter rallys. This pictured one was at the Veteran's Building and featured former Senator Max Cleland. I must say they were reasonably polite to me in my Bush-Cheney cap. They cautioned me, however, that I should behave myself and not do any heckling. Who, me?
Meanwhile behind the pinkmonkeybirdcam of this this shot, up on the Capital steps, the Environmental Protection Agency was conducting a media op. As one of the EPA guys was overheard saying to a Kerry vol, "We're the good guys." If you're not familiar with the EPA, they think the Republican Party is ravaging the earth.
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