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Friday, August 06, 2004

This blog is a member of Blogs For Bush

It has come to my attention that through the magic of reciprocity, this blog is now located in the blogroll of Blogs For Bush. What is the significance of that, you ask? Matt Margolis, BFBs founder, explains in his welcome page;

"Many doubted that Blogs For Bush could succeed. Howard Dean had amassed a blogroll of roughly ninety bloggers at the peak of his candidacy - and that was considered huge. John Kerry only accumulated fifty-five. Well, when John Kerry accepted his party's nomination, our Blogroll For Bush had over seven hundred and fifty blogs and it is still growing today! The overwhelming success of Blogs For Bush, and the power of the community that forms the Blogroll For Bush, lays to rest forever the media stereotype that liberals dominate the blogosphere.
I am pleased to say that Blogs For Bush is the single largest blog community dedicated to a political candidate anywhere! We have discovered support for George W. Bush we never knew was there. This is a testament to the powerful edge President Bush holds on the Internet in the 2004 election.
This is no accident. President George W. Bush's leadership inspired the creation of this site and brought this community together. We are united in our efforts to ensure George W. Bush's reelection."

The Internet and by extension, the Blogosphere inhabited within the Internet bring new power and meaning to the word "grassroots". I'm proud to be included. Four more years!


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