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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Voter Registration Drive

Yesterday was a full day. By the time I got home, my brain was like an over-ripe peach.; soft, mushy, frequented by fruit-flies. I went straight to the cold shower, brushed my teeth and went to bed...without blogging. As I drifted closer toward sweet sleep, I was hoping I'd awake next morn a bit early, all super charged, with enough time to post adequately.
No such thing happened.
So now I'm stealing a moment to make up. So this is the guilt-riven wrench Lileks is always talking about. Except, for James, it is felt on a molecular level, as he's a newspaperman. His reason for being is ruled by the deadline and meeting it. I'm just a hobbyist. Nevertheless, I am pained that I dropped my self-inflicted obligation to blog daily.

What a hot and muggy day yesterday was! And considering the day was begun with the dark clouds of a weather front moving through town, I feel I was cheated, as there should have been cool Canadian air behind it. Yesterday's air felt and smelled as though it had come from Arlington, Texas. This made it a perfect day to go to Midway Stadium to see some minor league baseball and sign up folks for Bush-Cheney '04 bumper stickers, lawn signs, hand out stickers and register voters.
Yes, it was like a steambath. But when the sun went down and cooled off it was a rite of passage that was earned with sweat.

Bush-Cheney '04 had a tent top pitched on the narrow strip of lawn by the rails. Kerry had a table at the entry ramp. The throng of over 6,000 people were nearly all of them identified with their allegiances in the form of these stickers. Anyway, yesterday's game was the most fun I've ever had at a Saints game. It was pure Americana; Baseball. trains, bunting, Republicans, Democrats, Uncle Sam , phony politicians, beautiful young women with Bush-Cheney '04 stickers strategically placed on their cleavage. The theme was well presented. My hat's off to the Saints organization. Wacky shenanigans were exercised between every inning.

I took many, many pics. But I'm going to have to wait and post the best of them tonight as they are still in my camera.
I think one of the reasons this game was so fun was because here was a creative outlet that we were all participating in. We were Americans first, enjoying a baseball game together. Half of us are for Bush-Cheney. Half of us are for Kerry-Edwards. But we still had fun together. Oh yes, there were some moments of derision. There were leering glances. There was often a palpable but quiet mistrust of enemy camps. But it was all good medicine.

I enjoyed it on a level as an American in wartime. Yes, we disagree in our politics and our chosen candidates. But in the background of my consciousness is the understanding that al Qaeda would sorely like to have explosives aboard the train and detonate it at the precise moment it passed the stadium. And why would they wish to do that? Because we were having fun at a baseball game instead of praying in a mosque. We were consuming frivolous commodities like bobbleheads and our women were wearing Bush-Cheney stickers strategically placed on their clevage.

To cap off a perfect day I was lucky enough to enjoy a golden Metro Transit commute. Leaving the stadium, I walked to Snelling Avenue. No sooner did I get to the stop and my #84 southbound pulled up. The transfer at University Avenue was a mere 6 minute layover. That's efficiency.
More tomorrow and those pics.


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