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Sunday, August 22, 2004


Yesterday was the final day of a three-consecutive Saturdays drive to get out voter identification phone surveys.
I've been a volunteer for all three. But this time the day was on the buddy system. A local Republican with a car offered to make a social event out of the occurrence; breakfast and a carpool. Great idea.
So after a humungous platter of eggs benedict at the Uptown Cafe and countless cups of coffee, it was off to WROCKS for three hours.

I can't say this with any scientific veracity, but it seemed.....seemed to me, that more of the folks I called today were in support of President Bush than in my phone work of the past weeks. One key call was to a woman who was rather guarded about stating that she was in support of W. But Kerry was such a bad candidate that she had to go with this current president.

I had to wonder if the recent exposure of the Swiftboat Vets story and the damage said story might do measurable harm to Kerry's credibility. And reports show that "Unfit for Command", the SBV's book sales are exceeding the stocks of booksellers.

When you combine the fact that W's approval ratings are quite healthy, clocking in very close to 50%, and the nation is in serious times with threats of terrorism and a continuing situation in Iraq involving the lives of US troops, I should think that a significant number of Americans would be conservative in casting their vote for president this November.
President Bush is a known quantity. We've come to know how he handles such volatile issues.
John Kerry is not only unknown insofar as how he would conduct his presidency, his words and his record are downright confusing and confused.


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