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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

WW IV and thoughts beyond

Of course, I couldn't resist downloading to my printer when Instapundit queued me to this incredible digest of our current situation. Norman Podhoretz agrees with Eliot A. Cohen, who calls it World War Four.
I follow the logic of this assessment. But I have a bit of a problem with it insofar as our conception of world war history is pretty well embedded in our brains. I mean, there are those scientists who maintain that the planet Pluto is not really a planet. Yet we already think of it as a planet. We are now to think of Pluto as an aberrant asteroid of planetary size?

Excuse me, but I still think of the Cold War as a cold war...

making this current one we're in WWIII.

That name breaks the mold, too, as everyone I know thought WWIII would be the nuclear apocalypse. Let's hope that's just completely wrong. And maybe that's why I prefer to think of this current war we're waging to be called World War III.

I haven't completely finished reading Podhoretz. It tracks in at 43 pages and I've been a bit busy lately.

Anyways, despite my ramblings Wretchard weighs in on the Podhoretz piece. As usual, he brings heft. And it is he that thinks beyond.
These, imho, are must reads.


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