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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Banner display

Last night I joined a couple of Republican activists just before sundown. They were Doug D. and Colby L.
Doug has a sign professionally made of vinyl. It reads, "Pres. Bush = Integrity". When Doug and Colby got there before me, they'd found another sign made from foam-core. It read, "America; Land of the Red, White & Black Eye". Needless to say, we tore it down and crumpled it into a ball about the size of the Encyclopedia Britannica Vols. M through O.
We met at the appointed time at a pedestrian crosswalk over 35W at 24th Street in South Minneapolis. To say that it's a high visibility spot is to make an obvious pun. That's something I just won't do. I have too much respect for my readers. But let it be known that we could see a long way and we were way up there in altitude. Six-eight wheelers and autos were honking their approval.
A few drivers gave us the finger.

Not a pretty night to be doing this sort of work. It was windy as heck. And the clouds blocked the sunlight that we would have liked to have illuminated our display.
So we had do shut down around 6:45. Doug and I went to the Hilton Hotel for the Patriot Presidential Debate Party. Colby opted to go home. He wanted to watch the debate free of distractions.

On the way over to the hotel, Doug asked me how many people did I think would show up for this thing. I thought most people would be like Colby and prefer to stay home. So I guessed about 50.

Boy, was I wrong! About 750 or more people were there.

It was loads o' fun and it was terrific to meet the other bloggers and Patriot fans as well as to drink in the debate together. I had a rollicking good time with Sqotty and Swifty. Actually, we were a bit out of control. And that's a good thing.

I'd say the most encouraging moment of the evening was when Captain Ed took the mic and proclaimed that Minnesota would go to George W. Bush come Election Day. That's what we all believe. Now we just need to hear it spoken. And then we need to see it come to pass.

I don't have time to write a full review just now. But what do I expect to come of this debate?
I think W won this round. And I expect to see his lead widen over Kerry.

W will win on Election Day in a landslide victory. It will be humiliating for the Democrats.


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