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Monday, October 25, 2004

Consensus of blogs

Remember back in early September when a special aggregate blog was created for the official blogs of the Republican National Convention?
Well, one nifty thing about that blog is that when a hot item pops up, most of the participants of that blog are singing the same song. Click on the title of this post to see what it is.
This newest assault on John Kerry will help lay him to rest and bring about that landslide victory for W I've been predicting these past several months.

John Kerry is the worst candidate for President I have ever seen in my life.

Update: At the time that I posted this story, was choc full of stories about Kerry's latest revealed lie. It would seem I am mistaken in assuming that this story had such legs that it would keep this aggregation perpetually occupied with the story, as I see that these bloggers have moved on to write of other issues already.
Is Kerry such a serial liar that even these bloggers have grown bored over it in 24 hours?


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