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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Contagion of apologies

One of the best blogs in the country, Little Green Footballs, brings us this post of "self-hating moonbats" who feel they must atone for the sufferings of the Iraqi people at the hands of the U.S. military for the liberation of their land from the tyrant and his murderous sons.
Charles Johnson of LGF seems to be on a theme here, as he also has a post about Britain's apology to Germany for the bombing of Dresden during WWII.

I think the underlying lesson is that the Western world is so sensatized to suffering that we have possibly forgotten that wars against tyranny accrue costs of their own. But they are necessary costs to be paid in order to attain liberty and security from monsters.

Such campaigns of war are not to be apologized for. War is a savage endeavor. There are rules, yes. But the rules of wartime cannot inhabit the same world as the rules of peacetime. Let it be said once more; we are at war. Some of our citizenry do not understand this. Nevertheless, it is so.

Remember that John "Fudgin'" Kerry would fight a "more sensitive war" against terrorism.


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