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Monday, October 18, 2004

Eight point lead

Drudge reports that W enjoys an 8-point lead from CNN/USA TODAY/GALLUP POLL in the aftermath of the final debate. If I'm not mistaken, this poll historically trends with Democrats. So to see a widening of the gap toward Bush is great news.
This would have to be a result of W's "losing" the debates, as the alphabet networks have been reporting. Right.

I'm a loser
I'm a loser
And I'm not what I appear to be

And with this poll, W appears to be pulling ahead of Kerry. I expect this trend to continue. The gap will continue to widen (barring some unforeseen blunder by the President or some such thing) and Kerry-Edwards will grow smaller and smaller in the Bush-Cheney rear view mirror. A survey of other polls and their average is here from RealClearPolitics. This is all good reason for the Democrats to go into full-fledged panic. They will have all the more reason to resort to desperation, which will throw gasoline on their own fire and multiply their problems.
How do I know that? Because it's already happening. The irresponsible remarks from this incompetent ticket regarding Mary Cheney's sexuality and Christopher Reeve's malady were examples of the panic.
We're going to win this in a landslide come Election Day.


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