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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Feed a fever

The Elder over at Fraters Libertas is fed up with MSM lies and bias. A lot of us are. And this is no time to grow complacent. Elder calls conservatives and other folks who care about integrity to "starve the beast". By this he means we should cease our subscriptions to liberal newsprints and MSM as well as local leftist alternative rags.
I'm doing my part. I haven't subscribed to the Strib for years. I cancelled my cable television service years ago as well when I realized that they were charging me for the service AND they were forcing me to watch their idiotic commercials, all for the pleasure of being wooed by Peter Jennings and his ilk. I'd actually thought about resuming cable television service for this current election cycle we are now in. But what would be the point? No. I remain steadfast and refuse to provide sustenance to the Gorgon. Too bad one of the heads of this multi-headed hydra is FoxNews. How do we cut off MSM, yet aid FOX? We want to make sure Laurie Dhue is doing okay. Right?

Elder also recommends that we cease donating to public radio and public television. I concur. For years I've been donating an annual amount to KFAI-FM Fresh Air Radio. Not this year. Probably not next year, either. Their airwaves lubricate the MoveOn, way out in Left Field crowd. The stakes are too high to tolerate that any longer.

I agree with Elder's call to starve the beast. And I suspect that a lot of other consumers of news in this country will naturally follow suit without even making a conscious and concerted effort. When you see Sean Penn on television cavorting with America's enemies and being a royal pain in the beast behind, you don't exactly feel easy about going to see the next Sean Penn movie. I still haven't seen Mystic River for this very reason.
When Dan Rather tries to put one over on us with phony documents, you get this irritating and whiney voice in the lower brain stem that protests when his arrogant and condescending mug shows up in your livingroom. There is a natural urge to turn the dial.

In other words, the free market will carry business to those news outlets that earn our returning business. Those outlets that have squandered their precious credibility will suffer for it.

But some conscious call to action should help to assure that the Old Gray Lady should become the Old Bag Lady, sleeping on door stoops and scrounging out of street dumpsters for a meal that never came after Americans got tired of bogus stories that help the Democrats at the expense of journalistic integrity.

Starve the beast. So says the Elder.


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