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Saturday, October 02, 2004

NARN at Downtown Jaguar

After getting out of The Mother of All Phone Banks for Bush-Cheney this afternoon, I had to get some cash at an ATM and buy some new AAA batteries for my personal sport radio for the ride home. Once I took care of that, I was on my way home to Uptown. Great. I tune in to am1280 The Patriot to listen to the Northern Alliance Radio Network and look forward to a good bike ride on the Cedar Lake Trail.
But by the time I got to 10th Street Mitch Berg was announcing that the show was being remote broadcast from Minneapolis Downtown Jaguar auto dealership. That was right behind me!
I'd forgotten all about this remote broadcast even though I'd known about it for weeks.
Throwing on my retro-rockets, I turned the Bat Bike around and screamed into Downtown Jaguar. NARN shows are always fun to watch "live". Radio is great. I love the images that come to mind whilst listening to a great radio broadcast. But if you don't see the NARN guys do it live at least once, well, your imagination has absolutely no bearings. Before I saw the show live, I'd always assumed the participants wore silver, matching uniforms, were waited on hand and foot by glamorous blonde servants and were suspended in bubbles of effervescent fluid, multitudes of glowing plasma screens beaming the lastest Free Republic news flashes onto a giant game-board and huge glass bowls of peanut M&Ms within perpetual reach of our beloved stars.
I was wrong. But, hey, that might just be me and my overblown imagination.
In actual fact, they are seated in their pajamas at normal, unremarkable folding chairs before normal, unremarkable folding tables. It's all very unremarkable, actually. At least, it is so in its physical composure. In its Radioland composure, the NARN is terrific stuff. Somehow they are able to pack most shows with engaging information as well as heavy doses of wild humor.
They were also giving away a two-year lease on a slightly used Jaguar automobile, but that was of no interest to me, as I have no use for cars.

I'd missed more than half of today's broadcast, but what I did catch was typically excellent NARN. For one thing, they ripped Nick Coleman a new blogosphincter. Nick Coleman is a columnist for the StarTribune; Newspaper of the Twin Cities. He'd been invited to defend his recent diatribe (registration required) against bloggers in general and the Northern Alliance in particular, but he didn't bother to answer the challenge.

That's one of the reasons I like the Northern Alliance so much. They take on MSM head on and so far they have a pretty good record of effectiveness.


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