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Monday, October 25, 2004

Precinct rally

We gathered this evening up in NordEast for a rally at the local level. Grassroots. Senate District 59.

K.C. Jones is from the Austin, TX region. She's been helping direct things up here in Minne-so-cold (as Hugh Hewitt likes to call it) for the past several months.
K.C. Jones is a Republican officer from down the street of Crawford, TX. Something I learned tonight was that W once shared a piece of fried chicken off her plate. Damn. That's political intimacy.
She is a passionate speaker and tonight was no exception. She spoke of the groundswell of support that has flowed for George W. Bush (her boss) here.
K.C. spoke of the impossible tasks that were asked of her. These tasks were met. She spoke of the ambition of the plan in Minnesota and of the success of its execution.
A couple of bombs were dropped.
Zell Miller will be visiting the heart of Democrat territory up north, as well as the Metro, to persuade MN Democrats that it's okay to vote for the better man when the Democratic candidate is so weak as this one is. Rudy Giuliani will be back. Veep Dick Cheney will be back (does he live here now?Has he got an apartment in Mankato?)
And the President will be coming to town again. He'll be here on Saturday at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

No one in this campaign is taking anything for granted. We know and understand that we have to fight for every inch of this battle. We are mobilized to door-knock, telephone, provide rides, sign-wave, talk to our neighbors, contact our family and friends to make sure that every eligible vote for Bush-Cheney makes it to the polls and casts their vote. We will pour every bit of energy and time we have into the next week to win the State of Minnesota for W.

The opposition will be shocked. We are where we have planned on being. This campaign is in our field. The contest is positioned precisely where it had been planned to be. Now we have only to seize it. This is no time for Minnesota Nice. By that, we mean that we shall not be intimidated or yield to the wishes of others who are determined to out-campaign us. By that, we mean that we will not shy away from phoning or door-knocking out of a fear of appearing too earnest.
Of course, we'll do all this with a Minnesota Nice smile and a "You betcha!"


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