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Sunday, October 10, 2004

The President in Chanhassen

I never imagined the day would come that I would have the opportunity to see W at a rally and would decline. But that's what I did yesterday. I was all set to attend. I even informed my captain that I'd miss out on the phone bank session because of it.
But then I got into a conversation with another volunteer. Tim is the fellow who I worked with a couple weeks ago on a Saturday planting Bush-Cheney signs in the lawns of Richfield. He replied that he was passing on the rally because he'd already seen W and wanted to help out with the phone bank, as that is a more effective use of time and energy spent toward reelecting him.
I saw that Tim was right.
After all, did we really have anything to fear that the showing at the rally would be an embarrassment? It might have turned out that way, but it wasn't. Larry Colson reports in W's blog that over 17,500 people turned out for the rally. This, despite the conflict of a Minnesota Twins baseball game being played at the same time. (I imagine there were a few folks at the rally with portable radios and tv sets on hand.)
My friend and fellow blogger, Jo has a fine post on the rally. It's all important work to be doing. If we didn't have ralliers, there would be no rally. And you can click here to see the Our House post on not just the rally, but also pics of some of the best bloggers in the Twin Cities area who attended their presidential debates blog house party.

The phone bank work continues to focus on getting our people to vote via absentee ballot. An absentee ballot cast now is a vote that cannot be lost on Election Day. We continue to recruit more volunteers in the effort, as we will certainly need them during the 72 Hour Task Force. That is the crucial plan to place our people where they need to be during the final 3 days of the campaign.

My phone work on Saturday in focused on training our volunteers on how to make the calls and then I phone those people who have indicated they are available for volunteering, and sign them up to a schedule.

Would you like to help? Click here.


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