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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The real election

The two major political party national conventions are over. The debates are over. Now the two horses are making the clubhouse turn and going into the final stretch. W is ahead as this FoxNews poll from yesterday shows him gaining with a 5 point lead.
It's hammer time. This is the period in which so many of those cherished undecided voters are supposedly paying attention to the issues and grappling with the weighty choice for our nation's president.

Last night I was at Bush-Cheney '04 Headquarters in St. Paul for phone bank work. The place is so very busy now. It's difficult to find an open telephone to use in the evenings. There's an optimistic buzz that pervades the rooms. Plenty of happy chatter and laughter among friends and partners. The focus of our phone work now is to recruit more volunteers for the 72 Hour Task Force. We're going to need more help to do the important work of the final three days of the election. I made a little over 50 calls this night and got one. As usual, some of the homes I called were not the least bit amenable toward helping the Republican Party. For instance, I reached one home who, when I asked if they would be supporting W in November explained, "We're Democrats." That wasn't a good enough answer for me. Isn't Zell Miller a Democrat? Isn't Randy Kelly a Democrat? Isn't former mayor Ed Koch a Democrat?
Being a Democrat is not a de facto excuse to vote for the weakest candidate for president in memory. So I brushed aside this proferred reason and repeated the question, "But can President Bush count on your support this Election Day?"
Just want to be clear. She didn't challenge my repeating the question, so I never bothered to point out that lots of Democrats will be voting for W. I think that the opposite would be quite rare.
The other day I repeated that I believe that W will win in a landslide. The FoxNews poll show momentum pointing in favor of that prediction. Yesterday Hugh Hewitt boasted on his radio program, "I told you. I told you. I told you! Bush will win big. And all you Nervous Nellies out there wringing your hands told me you were afraid for the President's chances."
The American people are too intelligent to be fooled by Kerry-Edwards and the Democratic Party's efforts to obscure their dismal records in the Senate. And Americans understand that even when W's lead widens, this is no time to grow overconfident and coast. The Democrats will try to cheat their way into the White House. President Bush and the GOP must win a mandate for action in this coming term so that the nation can move forward with decision.
Kerry-Edwards will be squashed. There will be some scattered legal contesting of the vote in those state races that are close. Ohio? Florida? Minnesota? But I think it will be clear on November 3rd that Bush is the President Elect.


  • At 5:05 PM, Blogger Sandy said…


    I want to thank you for your campaign efforts. I'm hoping to manage some time off in the 72 hour window to volunteer for W, though I confess I'm not actually sure what a vounteer would do here in rural Wisconsin, or where one goes to do it.

    I can't quite see monitoring our polling place, seeing as it's manned by the neighbor ladies, who have my implicit trust.

  • At 5:06 PM, Blogger TFB said…

    I am optimistic as well that there will be a landslide. The left will have to cheat their pants off to pull a win.
    But just in case, I plan to be out on the 72 hour crunch too.

  • At 8:49 PM, Blogger pinkmonkeybird said…

    Rock on, people!
    It's hard to believe this hot zone time is upon us, finally.
    Rural Wisconsin? I don't know how far a drive it is to town, but you bring up an interesting question. I would think that your computer and possibly a fax and your own phone would be sufficient to help.
    The 72 Hour Task Force will be something to behold. I might compare it to Shock & Awe. If it pans out the way it's supposed to (and that is dependent upon the manpower recruited) it will make history.


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