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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Steady as she goes

I've been talking to Bush supporters and Kerry supporters and the consensus is near unanimous. Fatigue.
Most everyone is tired of the battle and long for its end.
Most everyone, anyways. Sure, there are those who defy this tide and actually thrive upon the fight.
I heard James Lileks on Hugh Hewitt's radio program the other day. He said he plans on taking some NyQuil, all the electronic receivers turned off and will go to bed.
Meanwhile, warriors are being summoned to arm themselves and pour into the breach.

Lileks is a warrior of a unique making. His sword is his Macintosh computer. He's fighting to the bitter end in his own way.

We all are.

I was cheered today to read some perspective from Victor David Hanson;

This election marks a similar crossroads in our history. We are presented with two radically different candidates with profound disagreements about how to conduct a historic worldwide war. We should remember that all our victorious past presidents were, at the moments of their crises, deeply unpopular precisely because they chose the difficult, long-term sacrifice for victory over the expedient and convenient pleas for accommodation (if not outright capitulation). We are faced with just such an option today: a choice between a president whose call for patience and sacrifice promises victory, and a pessimist stirring the people with the assurances that we should not have fought, and now cannot win, the present war in Iraq.

It may feel as though we've never been here before, but we have.

That helps me cope. It helps me accept my countrymen who disagree with me. This disagreement has historical precedent. My fellow countrymen are not idiots. They are my fellow countrymen. They simply disagree with me in this democracy.

Steady as she goes. Remain calm. Remain focused. We all want what is best for our country.
W will win. Let us win with him graciously.
Passions will run high.
Steady as she goes.


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