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Thursday, October 28, 2004

W leads in Minnesota

I just got this email message from the Minnesota Republican Party. In an earlier post, I wrote of how Bush-Cheney Republican leaders knew from their internal polling that W leads here. Now and external poll pops up corroborating that finding.

W not only leads, he's enjoying momentum. These things take on a life of their own once they gain momentum. It then become quite difficult to stop it once it's moving.

Kerry is coming back to Minnesota before the election. That because he is desperately trying to stop Minnesota from slipping away.

A new Humphrey Institute Survey, a poll that traditionally favors Democratic candidates, shows President Bush leading John Kerry in Minnesota just five days before the election. The survey of 690 likely voters gives the President a 47%-44% edge, and reaffirms Bush's solid lead on the issue of terrorism. Among independent voters, Bush leads Kerry by an astonishing 69-20 margin on the issue, and even one-quarter of Democrats acknowledge that the President is better equipped to handle terrorism. The Humphrey Institute poll also shows that John Kerry has been unable to build a significant gender gap in Minnesota, a troubling sign for any Democratic candidate.
The latest poll confirms what we've seen in every other major poll: President Bush has the clear momentum, but that voter turnout will determine the outcome of the race. It's clear that the Kerry campaign understands this as well, as both John Kerry and John Edwards are scheduled to be in Minnesota in the last 72 hours before Election Day.
Consider the implications of that. The Democrats are panicking in a state that has gone solidly Democratic for seven straight presidential elections. But as we've seen in the past, desperate Democrats take desperate actions. Expect these next five days to get ugly as the Kerry campaign and their liberal allies try everything to stop the President's momentum. The shrillness will only increase leading up to Election Day as they stop at nothing to defeat President Bush.


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