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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Walter Cronkite; the anti-Christ

When I was a young man, growing up and oftentimes watching the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite, I suckered for the the big lie that Walter Cronkite was a journalist of the first degree.
"And that's the way it was".
My impressionable mind accepted this premise without question. If Walter Cronkite said "that's the way it was", then I could bet the farm on that. That's the way it was. Period.

It turns out that the Period was actually a Semicolon. "That's the way it was; if you're a biased Liberal elite."

The first inkling I ever had that Cronkite was the anti-Christ was when I learned that the Tet Offensive in VietNam, though pronounced a defeat to the U.S. military, was actually an overwhelming victory for the U.S. Military. But Cronkite was opposed to the war and he decided that he would lie to the American people for their own good. He would bank on his very considerable collateral with the trust of the American people and pronounce it to be a crushing defeat.

It worked. "And that's the way it was."

Walter Cronkite is the father of journalistic lies. He plowed the way for Dan Rather and showed MSM that the American public was gullible enough to swallow hook, line & sinker anything that came pouring from of their gilded tongues.
And now Cronkite demonstrates that, truly, Your mother sucks sox in Hell with this gigantic turd;
Karl Rove is possibly behind Osama bin Laden's recent video. This is a preposterous idea. It's loony fever-swamp conspiracy theory crap.

I never thought that Cronkite, or any newsman for that matter, could ever sink to such a low of journalistic standards. Walter Cronkite has been retired for many years. How would he, of all newsmen, know of any such connection?
He wouldn't. But he knows he's still got journalistic collateral. People still believe him. Not as many as there used to be, but too many nevertheless. What's he got to lose by making such a statement? Very little.
History will catch up to Walter Cronkite in any case, and demonstrate that he was the anti-Christ of journalism.

Dan Rather is the perfect heir to the Cronkite Kingdom of Lies. He's carried the mantle just as his forebear would have.

As Bernard Goldberg, formerly of CBS News and author of Bias has written, "When Cronkite said "and that's the way it was", you could be certain that's the way it wasn't."


  • At 12:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well done Mr. Brooks....

    If you want to get into "anti-christ" theories, what about the notion of Bill Clinton as Sec Gen of the UN.

    For anyone who's read/seen the "Left Behind" series, think about it.

    Another of the many reasons for keeping President Bush in office.

    Busy with my 72 hour work as well plus a stint of poll watching tomorrow....hope to see you soon,
    Your Fellow Tuesday Volunteer Ted


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