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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Beer and blogging

I listened to the Northern Alliance Radio Network today. It was a darned good program, as usual. I see this program took a page from the Maxim magazine playbook in its appeal to real men. Fabulous babes and beer were on tap today as the NARN interviewed Ann Coulter and then later, Mark Stutrud of the Summit Brewing Company.
Ann Coulter was an interesting and fun guest on the show. She was true to form in her scathing assessments of liberals. If I had the chance to speak with her I would like to know if she's tempered her opinions on how to win the Global War on Terror since the days immediately following the attacks of 9/11. According to the information I've picked up, she was fired from the National Review magazine for advocating that the Islamic World should be carpet bombed into submission. While it's not difficult for me to understand why someone would say such a thing in the anger of the moment, I hope she has chilled that opinion down to a more reasonable line, such as the policies of the Bush administration.
Still, when liberals need a new blogosphincter ripped for them, there is no one like Ann Coulter to do the ripping. And she's got great legs.

Next was Mark Stutrud of Summit Brewing Company. I phoned in to the show to report that I'm a fan. My fave flavors are the Great Northern Alliance Porter and India Pale Ale. I wonder if the brewery puts some kind of brain juice in their beer, as I've noticed that whenever I have a glass while blogging my posts are almost always exceedingly intelligent. But then there are those occasional times when a few Summits lead to a post that is only saved in Draft form with intentions of publication tomorrow. For some reason, these drafts make no sense the next day and must be deleted. Maybe too much brain juice is bad for intelligence.

At the top of the initial hour, Mitch elicited groans and gasps from his fellow NARNers by making some of his patented Mitch Bergian commentary. Notably, after confusing Bing Crosby with Dean Martin, he quipped that there is little or no difference between a guy who used to slap his kids around and a guy who drank too much.
Hahaha. But it is precisely this kind of irreverence, mixed in with the serious political talk of NARN, that makes this radio show so entertaining. Mitch knows full well that Deano didn't really have a drinking problem. Maybe Bing never did those things his son's book claimed. Mitch has a jocular sense of humor. (Only last Thursday while discussing with Peter Beinart on the Hugh Hewitt Show, Mitch had stated that he and his fellows were "far right wingers". Saint Paul had to correct the record for Mitch. Like I said, jocular.) It was just show business, and Mitch's comments were meant to be taken lightly. Besides, Mitch's fellows had been teasing him over his 5 seconds remark. They pushed Mitch into the offense zone.

Great show, Men of NARN. This was a show for us guys. We had hot babes, beer, off color jokes, sat around in our underwear and farted while discussing politics.

Best show on radio.


  • At 12:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Annie was very upset after 9/11. From what I understand, author and columnist Barbara Olson was murdered that day on one of the planes and was one of her best friends. so yes, she was a little harsh, but I've always wanted to cut her a little slack under the circumstances.

    James Ph.

  • At 3:19 PM, Blogger pinkmonkeybird said…

    Those are pretty much the circumstances I'd suspected, James. And I find it interesting. Thanks for the clue. I'll look into it.


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