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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Funny pages

I haven't enjoyed such deep belly laughs in years until just now, having read Nick Coleman's column, Blog Of The Year Goes To Extremes.

Imagine a man pouring a gallon of gasoline over his head and then lighting a match. That's what Coleman does in this article. I first learned about it from The Captain. There, Ed reports that Nick Coleman Goes Insane. I thought the title must be hyperbole...until I'd actually read Coleman's column. But having now done so, I think the title is entirely appropriate. Nick Coleman seems to have lost his faculties and will soon be led away in leather straps, foaming at the mouth.

Funny reality of this turn of events;
I never could stand to read a Nick Coleman article before Power Line and the other Northern Alliance blogs started ripping on him. And now, I find myself reading him for the sheer entertainment of his ineptitude. I've really got to say I am in awe of the Northern Alliance of Blogs. When they go after a target, they hit their mark and the results are devastating. We can see Nick Coleman's vein bulging out of his forehead. And it's funny.

It's funny because Coleman thought he could continue to write dreck with impunity for our breakfast tables. That's even funnier than The Family Circus.


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