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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Time magazine

Some people are excited and jumping up and down with joy that Time magazine has chosen George W. Bush as this year's Person Of The Year. I can't count myself among those people because I don't give two shakes of my dip-stick who they pick for their hollow honor. In my humble opinion, the editors of Time magazine would love to choose anybody but George W. Bush as the person of this or any year. I think they were institutionally disappointed that John Kerry didn't win the office of presidency last month so they could then select him over W for their front cover story. I don't remember ever feeling that Time magazine's Person, Man or Aardvark of any year was a true honor of distinction rather than simply a shallow means of selling boring, irrelevant magazines that sum up the news you knew last week with a decidedly liberal bias spin applied. In any case, they will undoubtedly sell some magazines.

Now, of course I don't want to diminish the importance of President George W. Bush. I just don't see how we need Time magazine to verify this for us. Andrew Card was on ABCs This Week with George Stephanopoulos this morning. He pointed out that the President is not concerned as to who Time magazine chooses as its Person of the Year. His job is serve the American people. Likewise Time magazine's Blog of the Year awarded to Power Line. We don't need Time magazine to honor Power Line. Such an award does more harm than it does good, in my opinion. It's a means of getting the fine bloggers at that site to dirty their hands with the pompous clique club they belong to. Oh sure, we require people to fill the roles of reading the news to us and telling us what is going on in the world. And the blogs are written by human beings who may well fall into the trap of taking themselves so seriously as the likes of Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings and Time magazine. And this is how it begins. They throw laurels at your feet as the Best Blog of the Year. Thus far, the fine gentlemen of Power Line are resisting such self-importance in high style, as the provided link attests. So I don't second guess Power Line's decision to embrace the publicity. I just simply reiterate. I don't need Time magazine to tell me that Power Line is the Blog of the Year.
Just to make sure that the President and Power Line are not offended that I sneer at Time magazine and their Hollywood style awards, I present my own award to these two fine entities. I hereby award George W. Bush the pinkmonkeybird Person of the Year award. I hereby present Power Line the coveted pinkmonkeybird Blog of the Year award.
Do I sound like sour grapes? I don't think so. I just think Time magazine is not worth the pulp its printed on.

I don't know what Bob Dylan's politics are, but Bob had this to say to a Time magazine reporter in 1965 on his tour of England. I think Bob nailed it.

You know the audience that subscribes to Time magazine. The audience of people in the world who wanna know what's happening week by week. The people that work during the day. They can read it. It's small. It's concise. And there's pictures in it. It's a certain class of people that take the magazine seriously. I mean, sure, I can read it. I read it on the airplanes. But I don't take it seriously. If I wanna find out anything I'm not going to read Time magazine. I'm not gonna read Newsweek. I'm not gonna read any of these magazines. I mean cuz they just got too much to lose by printing the truth.


  • At 11:29 PM, Blogger R-Five said…

    Even my rather liberal mother has dimissed Time magazine for decades. The "pink sheet" she calls it.

    Still, I think W's choice means much, in that the political roadside is littered with so many others Time would have preferred.

    Even last year's three whistle-blowers choice indicated much the same thing. Their heroes are, for now, zeroes.

  • At 6:27 AM, Blogger pinkmonkeybird said…

    W's enemies and detractors are already citing the fact that Hitler and Stalin once held the same honor in Time and W's place here is secured.

    As for Power Line's fete, I can see some residual effect in that the power of a blog like this is the input of their readership. Power Line becomes more effective when it pools more readers and utilizes their interaction and the knowledge these readers share.
    If Time magazine understood that, they would use the Internet as a sounding board for their pink sheet.


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