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Monday, January 10, 2005


If a tree falls in the liberal leftist media and biased executives are fired and asked to retire, does it make a sound?

You bet it does. CBS News has made some noise in response to MemoGate. But naturally, CBS News doesn't go far enough. They claim that the problem came about over zeal to gain a scoop story. The truth is that liberal bias is so rampant and the department was so keen on felling George W. Bush from reelection.

A further truth is probably that this phony story was also planned to coordinate with the Democratic National Committee in a new effort to destroy Bush's chances.

CBS News' bias and unreliability are systemic. I see no reason to trust their news reportage or the reportage of their many local media affiliates.

Nevertheless, today is a great day for the blogosphere and a terrible day of reckoning for Mapes and many, many more trees in the forest.

UPDATE: Listening to The Hugh Hewitt Show tonight, it was obvious that the CBS and MemoGate would be the huge story. And rightfully so. Hugh is just on fire tonight in calling for the blogosphere to press relentlessly for the whole truth on CBS's bias and investigations into collusion with the Democratic National Committee.
Hugh is right, of course. And as one of the leading cheerleaders of the blogosphere, Hugh is quite likely to effectively lead toward that end.
Even if no smoking gun is revealed, the chatter in the blogosphere over the report that came out today over the evasions that CBS News has attempted today, will cut deeply into CBS News' image.
Jeff Jarvis was on the HH Show. He voiced confidence in the power of the marketplace to punish CBS News for bias. I think he may be right. As word spreads over at the water coolers on the nation, CBS News will continue to lose market share because they betrayed the trust of their viewers


  • At 12:11 AM, Blogger R-Five said…

    Can you recall any other MSM admitting such a huge mistake, even if they underplayed/understated it in their investigation?

    I agree with some that the report couldn't be totally frank for legal reasons. I agree that more than those four should be fired. But Dan Rather is already been dismissed by the public at large, even the libs who have no more use for a bungler than we do.

    On balance, let's just hand the football to the referee and jog back to the sidelines as the scoreboard lights up our six points. Hugh can kick the extra point.

  • At 9:02 AM, Blogger pinkmonkeybird said…

    I usually object to football analogies and today is no exception. Surely we can fully understand the world without referring to a silly game involving immature, overgrown babies weighing over 250 lbs., wearing protective gear, slamming into one another and then mooning the fans.

    CBS News will try and put the best face possible on their crimes.

    It's up to bloggers and the viewing public to boycott them, at least marginalize them, their silly affiliates and their high-profile sponsors.
    Ironically, I watched CBS News yesterday to see Rocketman's interview segments and to glean their spin on this issue.
    If there are any CBS or WCCO people visiting this blog to learn what the chatter is, here's my message to you; You suck!


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