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Sunday, January 02, 2005

How a tsunami is born

For many people, while we'd heard of tsunamis before, we really didn't understand what they were. I found this nifty animation that demonstrates how they work.
I'd been a bit in the dark as to exactly what geographical areas have been affected by this deadly tsunami and why Sri Lanka seems to be taking so much of the brunt of it. Tonight's Dateline NBC niftily answered this for me with an animated map . I can't find that animation, but here's a map of the stricken area. A map like this goes a long way toward explaining why the areas reported as being hit were involved while others were spared.
I just found the animation, or one very much like the one I saw on Dateline. Here it is. Click the button that says, "Course of the tsunami".

It's just astounding to me that a wave, no matter how great, should be capable of originating at the tip of Sumatra, travel west through the Maldives Islands across the Indian Ocean, all the way to Somalia where over 142 people were killed by these waves originating over 3,000 miles away!

This is a truly terrible disaster for humanity. I encourage everyone to choose an organization through which you can donate with your credit card, no matter how small. A human wave of sympathy will help to relieve the devastation of this underwater earthquake and the water wave that grew out of it.


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