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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Individual responsibility: the GOP way

Captain Ed over at Captain's Quarters is initiating a challenge to give your entire take home pay that you earn on this coming January 12th, to the tsunami victims in SE Asia and Somalia. It's a worthy cause.
Ed's got a great heart. He feels a genuine need to help those who are in need of help. But he also qualifies his challenge;

...many people question the ability of capitalist-based economies to show any generosity. Americans, and other Western people, have been judged by the amount of government assistance provided. We've been called "stingy". It's up to us to show that when people control their own resources, we can put it to the best use through our own decisions -- and in fact, we can put it to better, more direct, and more effective use.

The Captain's right.

But the audacity of Jan Egeland of the United Nations, in his assertion that the United States is "stingy" seems to be at least a small part of the fuel in this drive. The Captain is right because it is deeds that will dispel these groundless accusations coming from Egeland.

I watched Fox News Sunday this morning. On that program, Chris Wallace asked Egeland if he can understand why the U.S. might be less than receptive to hearing the United Nations lecture us about competence and generosity, in the wake of the Oil For Food scandal. Of course, Mr. Egeland took the opportunity to deny that he is lecturing and to deny that he was speaking of the United States.

But I've read accounts that report the contrary.

This kind of display is absurd on its face. The UN should pay attention to its job and stop trying to blame the Bush administration for acts of God. A lot of the dust over this "controversy" has settled, and most of the pundits agree that blaming the US for stinginess is inappropriate. The tsunami is not about the US or the Bush administration. It is about a disaster of cosmic proportions that should be met with human compassion. Egeland and the UN are wrong.

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