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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Iraqi election skinny

I attended a GOP party in Senate District 59 tonight up in NordEast Minneapolis. Mitch Berg of Shot In The Dark was the honorary speaker and I had a chance to chew the fat with him. Mitch is an energetic and informative speaker, as everyone who's heard the NARN show can hear with their own ears.
I asked Mitch where he plans to turn to in the blogosphere to get the inside poop on the elections in Iraq. He told me Spirit Of America, among a few others. I'm glad Mitch reminded me of Spirit Of America as I'd received an email from them and this link to Friends Of Democracy for the lowdown on what's going on. This morning I was in the middle of creating a post with this link when my computer crashed and I got distracted. I am a proud contributor to Spirit Of America through the Northern Alliance of Blogs.

Besides doing good work in Iraq and Afghanistan, Friends Of Democracy is a valuable portal to learn the balanced story of what is going on in Iraq today and the days following the elections taking place there even now as I write these words.

As the email I received from SoA states;

The information is not "candy coated" - it simply does more than emphasize terrorism and violence. It provides good news and bad. Please link to the site and check it for news. It will be especially good on election day. We'll have reports and photos coming in from all corners of Iraq.

Thanks to Mitch for reminding me of this site. And thanks to Spirit of America and Fiends of Democracy for bringing the truth to Americans.


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